Human resources is often met with a one-dimensional perception. After all, many people’s interactions with HR come down to a small handful of common interactions. It’s difficult to understand what really goes on without witnessing it every day.

We asked members of the Forbes Human Resources Council about what really goes on in HR. The answers given may surprise some, as a human resources professional has a complex job that is not always appreciated the way it should be.

HR professionals put misconceptions to rest.

1. Solves Many Problems

HR gets the good, the bad and the ugly. We throw parties, run reward and recognition programs and are responsible for engagement. However, we also get lawsuits, EEOC complaints, grievances and employee relations issues. When you need a hire, we’ve got you. When you have a workforce issue, we’ve got you. Even when you have a business problem, we can most likely solve it with a people solution. – Lotus Yon, NCH