Welcome to LifeHR!

It’s official! BEDC is now LifeHR!  We chose “LifeHR” to specifically reflect our unique role as supporters of HR professionals in various Life Science organizations, and our distinct position at the intersection of Human Resources, the Life Sciences industry and the San Diego region.  In addition to our new name and logo, we are excited to welcome you to a great new website and community portal (the heart of LifeHR).  After logging in, the Community menu tab will automatically populate with a host of menu options not visible to the general public.  A few of the new, online member resources include:

  • Recent Activity:  View the latest activity within the community, post comments, images, videos, links, “likes” and more.
  • Member Discussions:  This area replaces the former “email all” feature and allows the ability to search and archive all postings.  All members receive instant e-mail notification whenever a new topic or reply is posted. A video tutorial is featured on the site, with detailed instructions.
  • Member Directory:  The enhanced member directory now allows direct Private Messaging, a Linkedin quick-link, and the ability to search for members by first name, last name or company name.
  • The Profile, Messaging, Account and Polling options have all been enhanced to include a number of new features and notification settings.
  • News / Events:  The News and Events pages have been redesigned to allow more up-to-date population of “need-to-know” content.
  • LifeCollaborative:  Company professionals continue to receive FREE access to the LifeCollaborative Professional Development Training courses.

If you are not yet a LifeHR member, please visit the Membership page for full details on the benefits.