Employee motivation is mission-critical for any organization, from startups to well-established companies. Motivated employees tend to align the company’s purpose with their own, demonstrate more innovative problem-solving and drive more impact. I’ve learned that if your organization isn’t actively working to ensure employees are motivated, engaged and aligned with your mission, you risk falling behind the competition and staying there.

One of a startup’s biggest advantages is that it’s easier to motivate small, tight-knit teams and continually align and realign them around ever-changing priorities. As companies grow and age, it becomes increasingly important and difficult to ensure that their culture clearly reflects their purpose and that it motivates strong individual and group performance. Processes such as goal setting, reviewing and managing performance, and recognizing achievement either build upon or chip away at the strength of the company’s culture.

That said, after developing and growing performance-focused cultures in multiple high-growth organizations, I know that it’s never too late for a company to change its approach. Whatever size your business is, you can start creating a more engaged and motivated workforce by doing the following three things.

1. Develop a philosophy of performance.


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