Microlearning Lesson #3: The High Impact of Manager-led Microlearning Lessons

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Manager-led Microlearning Lessons – Who knew they could be so impactful?

When it comes to online training, most in HR acknowledge microlearning lessons (online bite-sized content snippets) are becoming the preferred method of virtual learning. What you may not know is that manager-led microlearning lessons can be a wildly engaging spin-off to this approach. People prefer to learn from the people they know and respect. Delivering just-in-time knowledge that addresses company-specific-topics and culture-shaping measures can be significant game changers.

Victoria Tucker, Managing Director of ZBglobal and its division – Geniopath, emphasizes the impact of manager-led microlearning lessons when sharing knowledge and engaging across organizational layers. Not only do employees want to hear from their managers talking about why we do what we do, but managers themselves become learning enthusiasts when they are tapped as company faculty.

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