“Organizations increasingly depend on HR to help them navigate incredibly complex, often sensitive situations. Yet in order to be a truly effective HR leader, it’s vital to demonstrate that you have the relevant experience and a deep understanding of how a business runs — earned from having spent time in the trenches.

I’ve spent the majority of my rewarding, 20-plus-year career in HR. Somewhat ironically, the most important lessons I’ve learned about HR come from time spent working in another department. The perspective I gained elsewhere has been invaluable to how I approach HR and how I lead my teams today.

This is why I believe that in order to be the best HR leader, you have to leave HR.”

HR is no longer about personnel files, data entry and record keeping. Today’s HR leaders need to be able to implement programs that accelerate organizational strategy. One of the best ways to gain business acumen and an outside perspective is by leaving HR for a period of time to run another part of the organization.


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