At this very moment, thousands of meetings are happening globally to decide hires, raises and promotions. In many of those meetings, the wrong decision will be made.  A woman will be passed over for a leadership position even though she would have been the best choice for the business. Companies with more women in leadership make more money.

At the current pace, we will need another 108 years to close the gender gap in the workplace. Human resources departments are trying to fix this; many have launched leadership programs for women to address the gender gap. But most of those programs miss the point. They imply that women need fixing. They don’t. Women are just as good and, in some ways, even better leaders than men.

Unconscious bias training is more useful. But, it takes time to change long-held stereotypes. Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) will help remove human bias from people decisions. But it will also take time. Amazon realized that their AI recruitment system had gender bias as well.