A Series of Q&A Interviews with innovators working at the intersection of human behavior and business transformation: Christian Harpelund, Co-founder and Consulting Director, Onboarding Group and author of the book: Onboarding: Getting new hires off to a flying start.

Christian Harpelund: Onboarding is the discipline of receiving and integrating new employees into the company, so they feel part of the team. Good onboarding enables them to perform and provide value to the organization. This is what we call structured onboarding.

Today the approach to onboarding in many companies is not professionalized. Most organizations use “checklist” approach to onboarding. But onboarding is much more than a checklist, more than an information package and more than an introduction program. Unstructured Onboarding is bad for business and bad for people and companies who take a proactive approach to Onboarding are seeing great results.

Rogers: Why should companies invest in Onboarding?

Harpelund: Employees expect more from companies today, and if they don’t feel connected and onboard they will leave for a new opportunity somewhere else. The following facts says it all:


Source – Read the full article at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucerogers/2019/01/25/is-onboarding-the-new-hr-secret-for-company-success/#75ac51601484