“For decades, the executive management team of any company has been pretty standard: CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CHRO. But in the leadership of expanding tech giants (especially in remote teams), a new role keeps popping up: People Operations (or “PeopleOps”). Is this due to creative linguistics, or is the management model of corporate America being disrupted?

Traditionally, the objective of the operations officer is to supervise results, while the human resources officer supported the workers. However, the future of work is rapidly moving toward results-based work models, which are fueled by autonomy. Therefore, workers now supervise their own results. In order to control output, operations managers now must do so indirectly through the workers, so they are just as invested in supporting the workers as the human resources department is.”


SOURCE – READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurelfarrer/2019/03/28/human-resources-2-0-how-people-operations-is-powering-higher-productivity/#fe2c7ee4b4b0