Traditionally, HR and IT security have worked together. There are plenty of areas where our efforts would overlap. It worked well. Each followed its own agenda—for HR, ensuring a healthy and productive workplace; for IT, protecting apps and data from risky, illicit or inappropriate access or use. That was then. Now, we’re seeing our worlds intersecting way more as people and technology become increasingly intertwined. We need to level up our IT/HR relationship from colleagues who play well together to a true partnership…best friends, if you will.

That may be lighthearted but there’s a lot of weight in a strong partnership between these two functions. With digital transformation, technology has become more deeply woven into work and the workplace, making it impossible to view either HR or IT security as a silo unto itself. As the critical importance of data continues to rise, security must be built into an organization’s training and culture as much as into the tools people use. Conversely, modern workplace experiences depend on access to secure tools designed around the needs of the individual. Now more than ever, success depends on effective collaboration.