– 9/9/19

We spoke to Olive Casey, HR director at Amgen Dún Laoghaire, to hear more about how life sciences could be totally transformed in the coming years.

‘Future of work’ can be a bit of a nebulous term. When does this ‘future’ actually begin? Has it arrived, or is the mass disruption that many future of work experts anticipate yet to come? Furthermore, how will it affect individual industries?

Amgen is one of the largest life sciences companies in the world and has a significant Irish presence. It has multiple hubs dotted across the country, including its sprawling Dún Laoghaire facility.

We headed down there to speak to Olive Casey, HR director with Amgen, and get her take on how the life sciences industry will have to adapt to the impending changes the future of work will bring.

Casey predicts that the future of work will bring with it an integration of physical and virtual work environments. “Not only will the workplace have to adapt to this, but also we need to partner with the universities to ensure they are providing the skillsets to the students to make sure they’re equipped for this new kind of environment.”

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