Looking for a way to break out of your job-related doldrums? Maybe you can use the beginning of the new year to establish some new habits. Check out these five ideas to help you begin 2018 with a new approach:

1. Wake up earlier. Kurt Bilafer, chief revenue officer of WePay, tells Forbes Magazine he started waking up at 3:45 a.m. this year to get a jump on his day. Aside from the benefits of adding more time on the front end of his schedule, Bilafer says he’s learned to enjoy the solitude of the early morning. “Extreme early-rising provides the opportunity to be alone and disconnected from everyone else. This morning tranquility generates a level of physical and mental quietness that provides clarity and no distractions,” he says. “With this freedom, you have the unrestricted space to get an early start on whatever you want to do, whether it be work-related or a personal activity.”

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