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Big Changes in the Works!

August, 9, 2017

It has been a few months since we conducted our membership survey. We received great support for remaining an independent, professional organization, committed to supporting HR practitioners in Life Sciences.

The survey results confirmed your interest in programs that focus on HR best practices, professional development and networking within our industry.  We’ve taken the time since the survey to evaluate how we can best continue as a trusted partner and resource for our profession and industry.

With that directive in mind, we are excited to announce our transition from BEDC to LifeHR. We chose LifeHR to specifically reflect our unique role as supporters of HR professionals in various Life Science organizations.

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So What is Changing?

  • New Name:  Going forward, you will see LifeHR (San Diego Life Sciences HR Network) on emails, communications and publications.
  • New Logo & Colors:  The new logo reflects our distinct position at the intersection of Human Resources, the Life Sciences industry and the San Diego region.
  • New Website:  Coming soon, we will transition our online presence to www.lifehrn.com.
  • Membership Renewal:  Renewals will be moving to an annual calendar starting January 2018.
  • Vendor Members:  A select number of vetted members will be invited to join LifeHR. New vendor members will help connect us with quality services, speakers and networking opportunities.

This is a thrilling time of change and renewal for LifeHR, but it is equally important to highlight what is not changing.

  • Our commitment to providing relevant peer data, innovative ideas, strategic human resources practices and networking opportunities.
  • Annual Salary Survey and HR Conference
  • 2017 Board Members:  Like-minded HR professionals at various organizations, all actively involved in bringing you the best in programming and professional development.

We hope that you will be as excited as we are about this change as you start to see LifeHR in your inbox, at events, and in the community.

Thank you in advance for your support as we complete this important and exciting transition!

Mission Statement

The mission of San Diego Life Sciences HR Network (LifeHR) is to provide access to relevant data, innovative ideas, strategic human resources practices and networking opportunities for San Diego–area professionals employed in the life science, human resources field. LifeHR provides HR solutions with a cutting-edge, forward-thinking approach reflective of the life sciences space. We are uniquely positioned to serve people with HR-related responsibilities in biotechnology, medical-device, pharmacology and other life science–oriented companies.


LifeHR is committed to providing meaningful resources and a collaborative environment for HR professionals within the life sciences community. LifeHR members have the opportunity to:


Join real-time polls and high-quality programs, initiatives, products and services, including workshop sessions that build practical skills and increase knowledge.


Raise the bar of professional development by networking with other human resources professionals in biotechnology, pharmacology and other life science industries.


Take advantage of complimentary access to more than 150 courses, webinars and downloadable resources in our nationally recognized e-learning program, “LifeCollaborative: Building Healthy Careers in Life Sciences.”


Share your thoughts, workplace trends, and stories about endeavors at your company with members in the LifeHR community.


Find service providers that have been vetted by LifeHR, including providers in insurance, website design, veteran hiring, leadership development, and compensation and benefits.


Take advantage of a huge discount on the only compensation-and-benefits survey for the life sciences community in the San Diego / Southern California market. See below for details.

Receive discounts on:

  • Annual membership to LifeCollaborative, a customizable e-learning experience available to you and your team
  • Your registration fee for the LifeHR/BIOCOM Human Resources Conference
  • and more!