Question: After applying for a job, I had a phone interview and then an onsite interview with two high-ranking people at the company. After the interview, I emailed them both a thank you note. Although they said at the end of the interview that they would be scheduling follow-up meetings with finalists and asked about my availability, I never heard from them. Not even a rejection. Don’t I deserve a response? Is it ever OK to check back with the employer? If so, when’s the right time? – Anonymous

Your questions bring up issues I’m hearing a lot these days.

As employers work to fill job openings in one of the tightest job markets in memory, the habit of “ghosting” an applicant is absolutely beyond me. It’s like some people never learned basic manners about treating others with respect.  Unfortunately, this sudden and unexplained end of communications can happen on both sides of hiring – by employers and job applicants alike.  I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Such behavior from a recruiter or an HR professional is never acceptable.