As a college student, Ginger Gregory faced the same predicament many of us face: what to major in. Her initial thought was to major in business. But the courses just weren’t speaking to her. So, she took a chance and majored in psychology, which was the subject that did fascinate her at the time. And now many years later, Ginger is very pleased with this choice. She loves her job as an Executive Vice President, and Chief Human Resources Officer at Biogen, where she leads teams in multiple industries and business contexts, and has worked and lived in three countries and six cities. I caught up with Ginger on our From the Dorm Room to the Board Room podcast to discuss her career journey. The following excerpt from this interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Andy Molinsky: What career advice do you have for young people?

Ginger Gregory: I highly encourage people to dabble – to try different things, because not every company or organization is the same. And I also recommend dabbling with different roles. For example…