As the largest generation in the workforce, millennials are turning the workplace upside down and requiring human resources to redefine their role. Technology plays an important part more than ever and it’s changing the type of people hired and how they’re recruited.

The future of HR is now. The longer HR prolongs adapting to these trends the more severe the impact will be to the overall culture of the company. Instead of fearing technology and automation taking their jobs, HR should fear complacency and the inability to use technology as a resource to strengthen their role.

Here are four easy and realistic ways companies can millennial-proof their HR strategy

Embrace the New Role of Tech

The greatest challenge HR faces is recruiting and retaining talent. Automating the recruiting strategies allows HR to focus more on people and less on the process. Entelo Recruitment Software released shocking statistics showing HR professionals spend ⅓ of their week sourcing candidates for an individual role.


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