Many professionals want to climb the corporate ladder and assume a leadership position. This transition is rarely an easy one, though: First-time managers face a lot of challenges, such as navigating their new team dynamic and developing talent on their staff.

Without the right help and guidance through these issues, a newly promoted leader may not be as effective as they could be. While they often receive training from their direct supervisor, it’s important to let them know that HR can help, too. According to Forbes Human Resources Council, here are some common new manager struggles that a company’s HR department can assist with.

1. Handling Employee Issues

One very common challenge is managing other people, their work and your own work all at the same time. Employees who climb into management typically don’t have experience with handling employee issues and easily become overwhelmed in their new position. They forget to understand and practice HR laws daily, and HR is there for guidance. Don’t feel afraid to pick HR’s brain!


SOURCE – READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeshumanresourcescouncil/2019/04/15/14-hr-pros-explain-how-to-overcome-common-new-manager-challenges/#15981e0348a6