January is a popular time for resolutions, not only for individuals, but also for businesses. All of your departments can benefit from reviewing processes and decisions made in the past year, but HR in particular should be looking at what they can learn from the last 12 months.

By starting 2019 with strong insights and goals, HR departments can ensure that they don’t repeat mistakes and, more importantly, that they can retain your company’s top talent. Ten experts from Forbes Human Resources Council offered some smart resolutions your HR department to make for the year ahead.

1. Set Clear Goals And Review Them Often

To set up the department for success for the next year, team members need to come together to review the past year and determine what goals they would like to accomplish in 2019. If everyone on the team has input, they will be aware of what needs to be accomplished over the next year. Once the goals are determined, have follow-up meetings quarterly to review tasks, so the team stays on track.


SOURCE – READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeshumanresourcescouncil/2018/12/06/10-resolutions-hr-departments-should-make-for-2019/#7ae33ab4612e